Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fitzcharming Goes To SeaWorld

This week hubby and I took my grandson to Sea World.  I haven't been in years and it was a really nice treat.  My friend Jaguar Julie graciously gave me a couple of tickets she won so we only had to buy the child's ticket. 

Fitzcharmings Sea World Trip

I'm not a huge fan of Sea World since the death of one of the trainers a couple of years ago and all the publicity that ensued.  I don't like the idea of the whales being kept in tanks.  And it seemed every where we went inside the attraction the objective was to improve their image.  Lots of propaganda. Which seems like it's wasted on the people that care the least.  After all they are the ones that paid to get into the park.

But anyway, all that aside, it was a beautiful day, the park was not crowded and we had lots of fun.  I took pictures but as usual, I missed many of the best scenes because I was enjoying the time with my grandson.  The photos on this page I manages to snap with my iPhone. I think I must like birds because I took lots of pictures of them.

Flamingos at Sea World Florida

I live flamingos.  They were everywhere.  Love the way they bend their necks and hide their heads when sleeping.

Flamingos at Sea World Florida

Watching the dolphins swim underwater.

Dolphin Watching at Seaworld Florida

The dolphin show also had some smaller whales and lots of Macaw Parrots. It was amazing.  I got no pictures of the actual dolphins but here is a pic of one of the whales and a parrot person.  The show included trapeze acrobats and trained birds. Quite a spectacle.  It was my favorite show of the day.

More Macaw Parrots and a Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle at Seaworld Florida

A pink spoonbill bird. I haven't seen one of these in ages. Probably the last time was at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

These octopus and fish sculptures are made of plastic toys, bottles, and other trash found on the beaches.  There was also a seahorse.  They were amazing.  But sad also that there is so much trash to be found on the beaches.

You can ride around in flamingo paddle boats too.

A beautiful purple ornamental tree.  I've got to find out what kind it is.

And a Halloween pumpkin.  On the weekends SeaWorld has a kids event called Halloween Spooktacular.  We were there on a weekday so no candy for us.

Little Jaxson playing in the splash park.

And another Shamu picture.  I only took a couple.  The Shamu show isn't nearly as entertaining as it was when the trainers could get in the water with them.  But it's best that they don't.  This show was mostly about spashing the first few rows of spectators and making sure everybody knows they actually rescue the whales and the ones at the park aren't suitable for releasing to the wild.  Blah blah blah.

The park closed at 6 so the whale show was the last event for us.  We bought some souvenirs and one last ice cream for the day and headed home.  It was lots of fun and many many thanks to my friend Julie for treating us to the tickets.


  1. I am not sure what happened to my comment - but here goes on a second try. What fabulous photos! It looks like you had excellent weather. I didn't realize there were so many other things to see other than the aquatic life. Love the pink flamingos and would love to put them in my front yard. So glad you were able to find time to go to Sea World. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos.

  2. Thank you so much Julie for being so generous with the tickets. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this gorgeous day with my husband and grandson. I hope you can come to Orlando and visit sometime.