Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fitzcharming Goes Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping is like playing for me so did a bit of thrifting yesterday.  I've decided to change my eBay business model and start selling thrift store and yard sale items at auction in addition to my jewelry and dolls.  I need to ramp things up before the holidays and from what I'm reading on other blogs and on Facebook, people are having good luck with that method.

Thrift Store Fisher-Price Beanstalk House and Collectible Coffee Mugs

So I went to one of the for profit thrift shops here in town after running errands.  I found a few things to sell and a little Fisher Price dollhouse to keep.

This musical baby toy is made by Melissa and Doug.  It's a plush bee hive with a smiley bee peeking out. 
Melissa and Doug Beehive Crib Toy
You pull the bee down and it plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while winding it's way back up into his home.
Melissa and Doug Musical Honey Bee Hive Toy

I paid $4 for him and he's in perfect condition.  This toy is going into my eBay shop.

Next I found the cutest Grinch Christmas coffee mugs from Universal Studios, which will also be for sale on eBay.  They were 69 cents each.

Christmas Grinch Coffee Mugs

 There's Max, the Grinch, and Cindy Lou Who.  They don't look like they've been used at all.

And a carton of Magnetix magnet toys.  I haven't seen these before 

Magnetix Building Toys
The box is big so I'm not sure if maybe there were other pieces inside.  These are the magnets.

Magnetix Building Toys

I counted them and there are 275 so it's missing 10 pieces.  Maybe they were bigger parts.  Anyway these have sold pretty well on eBay in the completed listings so hopefully I'll make a few buck.

And now for the toy I'm keeping for me.  It's a Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop building.  I'm sure it had pieces inside when it was new but I got it for $2 so I was happy with just the shop itself.

It looks like the other side is a hamburger restaurant.  

Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop
When it opens, you can see a giant beanstalk on the toy shop side.

Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop
And the beanstalk spins around to show the toy sales counter.

Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop

It's the perfect size building for my new Lalaloopsy Tinies dolls.  Which I wrote about on my dollhouse blog and am absolutely determined not to collect.  You can see more of my tinies post if you click that link.  It seems like a few more would look awfully cute in here though.  I need to resist.

Lalaloopsy Tinies In My Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop

It was a pretty good thrifting day.  I spent around $12 so hopefully I'll make enough profit to make it worth my while.  And it's always good when I can find a treasure for myself while I'm out and about. 

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