Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dollar Store Christmas Ornaments In Glass Displays

Now that Halloween is over (almost it's tomorrow), I'm thinking about Christmas decorating.  As I'm an online entrepreneur working from home my budget is tiny so I decided to investigate the dollar store this year.

Dollar Store Christmas Decorating

Actually this was my 2nd trip to the Dollar store.  I have a big apothecary jar that I normally store seashells in, and a couple of days ago I outfitted it with cheap Dollar Store ornaments and gathered pinecones.  I liked it so much I decided to make a smaller version to sit alongside.

Glass Jar with Dollar Store Ornaments and Pinecones

The large ornaments are about 3 1/2 inches across.  They were each $1 and the smaller ornaments came in a tube of 6 for $1.  Just cheap plastic and glitter so I have no idea if they will be durable enough to last more than one year.

The pinecones I gathered by the lake near our house.  I baked them for about 30 minutes in a 250 degree oven to make sure any critters that may have been hiding inside perished.

Apothecary Jar with Dollar Store Christmas Balls

I had been watching this smaller version of the same style apothecary jar in Michaels for a few weeks.  It was regular price $30.  This week there was a half price coupon in their ad so I moseyed on over and picked it up for $15.  The Dollar Tree is across the street so I got a couple more large ornaments and a tube of a dozen smaller round balls.  There was also a bag of tiny pine cones with a couple painted silver, and a few little glitter balls so I grabbed that too.

There were a couple other things that caught my attention, these big white bells and little white bottle brush trees.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them but for a buck I had to have them.

Dollar Store Bottle Brush Christmas Trees and Bell Ornaments

Here are the finished glass jar Christmas decorations.  Just randomly tossed in the glass jars - no specific method.

Glass jars with Christmas decorations

And here they are sitting high on a shelf in my dining room where they will work their magic making my Christmas guests feel festive. Total spent including the smaller jar - under $25 including sales tax. 

Glass apothecary jars with Dollar Store Christmas ornaments

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls - Collectible Dolls From Mezco Toys - Where Deader Is Better

It's almost Halloween and I've been thinking about Living Dead Dolls from Mezco Toys.  Once upon a time I wanted to collect them but just never got started.  I bought a few but turns out I'm selling them on eBay instead of keeping them.  I need the money and the space more than the dolls.  

In the meantime I started making a list of the entire series.  I've only got the first few in the series but I'll add to it as the mood strikes me.  Probably every time I think about decorating for Halloween.
You can click on the pictures to make them larger for viewing.

Living Dead Dolls Series 1 - Released March 2001

Series One is limited to 40,000 sets
Living Dead Dolls Series 1
  • Sadie - Date of death: 4/26/1969. Sadie was the first Living Dead Doll character ever created. She has been laid to rest (retired).
  • Posey - Date of death: 8/8/1970. Like Emily from the movie The Beyond she was buried alive. But she didn't stay dead.
  • Sin - Date of death: 6/6/1966. Sweet little Sin consumed by flames at seven. Better to forever serve in hell, than grow up and play in heaven.
  • Eggzorcist - Date of death: 7/15/1967. Eggy for short, was banned in Japan for being too demonic.
  • Damien - Date of death: 2/29/1972. Is he Damien is from The Omen? His soul is as empty as his eyes.

Living Dead Dolls Series 2 - Released October 2001 
Series Two is limited to 75,000 sets

Living Dead Dolls Series 2
  •  Deadbra Ann - Date of death: 3/13/1973 at 7:14pm. The date Stephen King's first novel was published.
  • Kitty - Date of death: 10/28/1997 at 4:50pm. She's a cheerleader who's favorite cheer is Gimme an E-V-I-L. Spreading fear is her game.
  • Lizzie Borden - Date of death: 6/1/1927 at 3:13am. She is the first Living Dead character based on a real person.
  • Lou Sapphire - Date of death: 4/30/1966 at 12:01am. Say his name fast and you'll know he's Lucifer.
  • School Time Sadie - Date of death: 10/24/1996 at 4:00am. She is obsessed with sharp objects in school, giving a new meaning to the phrase "cutting class".

Living Dead Dolls Series 3 - Released March 2002
Living Dead Dolls Series 3
  • Lillith - Date of death: 12/27/1476 at 3:34pm. The first Living Dead Doll with an open mouth and fangs. The blue face and stake through her heart looks pretty creepy too.
  • Sheena - Date of death: 4/15/2001 at 2:40pm. She's a punk rocker and the first Living Dead Doll with a pierced face.
  • Bride of Valentine - Date of death: 2/14/1929 at 10:30am. Her honeymoon looks to be murderous. Is that Mr. Valentine's heart in her hand?
  • Lottie - Date of death: 2/11/1963 at 9:13am. The same date poet Sylvia Plath (author of "The Bell Jar")committed suicide by placing her head in a gas oven.
  • Schitzo - Date of death: 11/13/1923 at Just like the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, he dresses like a clown. 
Living Dead Dolls Series 4 - Released September 2002
Living Dead Dolls Series 4
  • Sybil - Date of death: 12/21/1978 at 7:41am. Locked away forever insane, the doctors came and removed her brain.
  • Macumba - Date of death: 6/15/1881. He's the first ethnic Living Dead Doll and hails from New Orleans, the voodoo capital of the U.S.
  • Ms. Eerie - Date of death: 6/11/2002 at 12:00pm. Did you say "Misery"?
  • Lulu - Date of death: 8/17/1978 at 6:25am. Hmmm... same date Rudolph Hess, Hitler's right hand man committed suicide.
  • Inferno - Date of death: 12/1/1947. Aleister Crowley, known as the wickedest man in the world and leader of the occult, died along with her.
Living Dead Dolls Series 5 - Released March 2003

Living Dead Dolls Series 5
The Theatrical Attired - A black and white closed-casket version was randomly inserted into factory-sealed Series 5 cases.
  •     Vincent Vaude - Date of death: 10/31/1926 at 1:26pm. His date of death is the same as Harry Houdini, magician and escape artist.
  • Hollywood - Date of death: 6/29/1967 at 4:07am. Hollywood glamor gal has the same death date as Jayne Mansfield.
  • Jezebel - Date of death: 1/29/1999. Jezebel's death date was the same as Lili St. Cyr, was a prominent American burlesque stripper who was one of the first striptease artist to perform in Las Vegas.
  • Siren - Date of death: 10/4/1970 at 10:05pm. Her date of death is the same as Janis Joplin an American singer and songwriter.
  • Dahlia - Date of death: 1/15/1947 at 10:03am. Her death date is that of Elizabeth Short, nicknamed Black Dahlia, whos body was found mutilated, her mouth was slashed form the corners to her ears, and she was drained of blood.

Living Dead Dolls Series 6 - Released 2003

Living Dead Dolls Series 6
Each Series 6 Beauty Came With A Pet - Series 6 included six Living Dead Dolls instead of five.
  • Calico - Date of death: 8/20/03. She and her pet Muzzy are both stitched together, like Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Isaac - Date of death: Unknown. He is the first doll to be stuffed and is based on Isaac from Stephen King's "Children of the Corn."
  • Jinx - Date of death: 6/7/13. She comes with her pet Hellcat and they are both very bad luck.
  • Dottie Rose - Date of death: 2/26/04. Dottie could be purchased with or without eyebrows. She is allergic to the sun just like the children in the movie "The Others".
  • Hush - Date of death: 12/20/71. Hush is a character in Edward Lee's "City Infernal".
  • Revenant - Date of death: 6/6/60 which is code for 666. She's the first Living Dead Doll to glow in the dark.

Living Dead Dolls Series 7 - Released 2004

Living Dead Dolls Series 7
This series was inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Wrath
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Lust
  • Sloth
  • Envy
  • Vanity

Here is a link to my Living Dead Dolls for sale on eBay -->>

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fitzcharming Goes Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping is like playing for me so did a bit of thrifting yesterday.  I've decided to change my eBay business model and start selling thrift store and yard sale items at auction in addition to my jewelry and dolls.  I need to ramp things up before the holidays and from what I'm reading on other blogs and on Facebook, people are having good luck with that method.

Thrift Store Fisher-Price Beanstalk House and Collectible Coffee Mugs

So I went to one of the for profit thrift shops here in town after running errands.  I found a few things to sell and a little Fisher Price dollhouse to keep.

This musical baby toy is made by Melissa and Doug.  It's a plush bee hive with a smiley bee peeking out. 
Melissa and Doug Beehive Crib Toy
You pull the bee down and it plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while winding it's way back up into his home.
Melissa and Doug Musical Honey Bee Hive Toy

I paid $4 for him and he's in perfect condition.  This toy is going into my eBay shop.

Next I found the cutest Grinch Christmas coffee mugs from Universal Studios, which will also be for sale on eBay.  They were 69 cents each.

Christmas Grinch Coffee Mugs

 There's Max, the Grinch, and Cindy Lou Who.  They don't look like they've been used at all.

And a carton of Magnetix magnet toys.  I haven't seen these before 

Magnetix Building Toys
The box is big so I'm not sure if maybe there were other pieces inside.  These are the magnets.

Magnetix Building Toys

I counted them and there are 275 so it's missing 10 pieces.  Maybe they were bigger parts.  Anyway these have sold pretty well on eBay in the completed listings so hopefully I'll make a few buck.

And now for the toy I'm keeping for me.  It's a Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop building.  I'm sure it had pieces inside when it was new but I got it for $2 so I was happy with just the shop itself.

It looks like the other side is a hamburger restaurant.  

Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop
When it opens, you can see a giant beanstalk on the toy shop side.

Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop
And the beanstalk spins around to show the toy sales counter.

Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop

It's the perfect size building for my new Lalaloopsy Tinies dolls.  Which I wrote about on my dollhouse blog and am absolutely determined not to collect.  You can see more of my tinies post if you click that link.  It seems like a few more would look awfully cute in here though.  I need to resist.

Lalaloopsy Tinies In My Fisher Price Beanstalk Toy Shop

It was a pretty good thrifting day.  I spent around $12 so hopefully I'll make enough profit to make it worth my while.  And it's always good when I can find a treasure for myself while I'm out and about. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fitzcharming Goes To SeaWorld

This week hubby and I took my grandson to Sea World.  I haven't been in years and it was a really nice treat.  My friend Jaguar Julie graciously gave me a couple of tickets she won so we only had to buy the child's ticket. 

Fitzcharmings Sea World Trip

I'm not a huge fan of Sea World since the death of one of the trainers a couple of years ago and all the publicity that ensued.  I don't like the idea of the whales being kept in tanks.  And it seemed every where we went inside the attraction the objective was to improve their image.  Lots of propaganda. Which seems like it's wasted on the people that care the least.  After all they are the ones that paid to get into the park.

But anyway, all that aside, it was a beautiful day, the park was not crowded and we had lots of fun.  I took pictures but as usual, I missed many of the best scenes because I was enjoying the time with my grandson.  The photos on this page I manages to snap with my iPhone. I think I must like birds because I took lots of pictures of them.

Flamingos at Sea World Florida

I live flamingos.  They were everywhere.  Love the way they bend their necks and hide their heads when sleeping.

Flamingos at Sea World Florida

Watching the dolphins swim underwater.

Dolphin Watching at Seaworld Florida

The dolphin show also had some smaller whales and lots of Macaw Parrots. It was amazing.  I got no pictures of the actual dolphins but here is a pic of one of the whales and a parrot person.  The show included trapeze acrobats and trained birds. Quite a spectacle.  It was my favorite show of the day.

More Macaw Parrots and a Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle at Seaworld Florida

A pink spoonbill bird. I haven't seen one of these in ages. Probably the last time was at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

These octopus and fish sculptures are made of plastic toys, bottles, and other trash found on the beaches.  There was also a seahorse.  They were amazing.  But sad also that there is so much trash to be found on the beaches.

You can ride around in flamingo paddle boats too.

A beautiful purple ornamental tree.  I've got to find out what kind it is.

And a Halloween pumpkin.  On the weekends SeaWorld has a kids event called Halloween Spooktacular.  We were there on a weekday so no candy for us.

Little Jaxson playing in the splash park.

And another Shamu picture.  I only took a couple.  The Shamu show isn't nearly as entertaining as it was when the trainers could get in the water with them.  But it's best that they don't.  This show was mostly about spashing the first few rows of spectators and making sure everybody knows they actually rescue the whales and the ones at the park aren't suitable for releasing to the wild.  Blah blah blah.

The park closed at 6 so the whale show was the last event for us.  We bought some souvenirs and one last ice cream for the day and headed home.  It was lots of fun and many many thanks to my friend Julie for treating us to the tickets.