Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Honey Swamp Frights Camera Action Monster High Doll

Honey Swamp and Clawdia Wolf Monster High Dolls
I wasn't supposed to allow myself to buy any more Monster High dolls for a while but oh that blue/green hair.  She wouldn't let me leave the store alone.  And Clawdia Wolf, my other Frights Camera Action Monster High girl is so happy to have a film making friend.  Read about my Honey Swamp doll on my Diary of a Dollhouse blog.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet My Catrine Demew Monster High Doll

Catrine Demew Scaris Monster High Doll
She's the puuurrrrfect feline werecat.  She came all the way from Scaris The City of Frights to join the other werecats who flex their claws at Monster High School.  When I found my Catrine Demew doll she was pretty scarce.  This first edition was a Walmart exclusive and I stalked the toy shelves at my local store until I got her.  Now there's another addition, the Scaremester Catrine Demew doll and you can find her everywhere including eBay and Amazon.  Read more about her on my blog.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Clawdeen Wolf Ghouls Rule Monster High Doll

Clawdeen Wolf Ghouls Rule Doll
Meet my Clawdeen Wolf Ghouls Rule Monster High doll.  She's a bit of a high maintenance ghoul.  I got her about a year ago and still love her though.  Especially her long soft lavender hair, and the flocked sides of her head.  You can see why we have this love/hate relationship if you read the article on my blog.