Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Raven Dragonfire Bleeding Edge Doll

Raven Dragonfire Bleeding Edge Doll
Bleeding Edge Begoth dolls are 12" tall Gothic dolls manufactured by Varner Concepts.  They were made between 2003 and 2007, and  aren't currently being made but some of the remaining stock is being sold on the Varner Concepts website.  Other places to find them for sale is on the secondary markets like Amazon and eBay.  Bleeding Edge dolls come in male and female characters and are made with meticulous painted detail faces.  This doll is Raven Dragonfire from Series 1, which was made in 2003.  There were 8 series of 12" dolls and there is also a line of 7" figures.  You can read more about these collectible dolls on my Diary of a Dollhouse blog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein Picnic Casket Doll Set

Jackson Jekyll Frankie Stein Picnic Casket Monster High Dolls
Released in January 2014 the Picnic Casket set contains 2 Monster High dolls.  It's the 2nd incarnation of Jackson Jekyll, who is Holt Hyde's alter ego.  The boy Monster High dolls are generally harder to find so I was happy to find this one online for about the same price as I would pay in a store.  This pair is enjoying getting to know each other a little better over a springtime picnic.  Could there be sparks in the air between them?  Read more on my Monster High School blog.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Learning How Blythe Became Such A Coveted And Popular Doll

Blythe Kenner Toys Doll 1972
She is one of the most popular dolls in history.  Take a look on Pinterest for Blythe dolls and you will see what I mean.  From her humble beginnings as a Kenner flop in 1972 to the wildly popular Takara Tomy Neo Blythe Dolls from Japan, she's been made in several versions over the years.  I did my research and found how she came to fame.  Read it in

A History Of Blythe – From 1972 Kenner To Now