Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ghoul Spirit Spectra Vondergeist Doll - My Cheap Purchase

Right before Christmas I was browsing Amazon and found a bunch of Monster High dolls marked WAY down. They were all under $10.  I think this Spectra was $7.  I had told myself "No More Monster High dolls!" for a while.  But that sale was just too hard to resist.  The markdown only lasted a couple of days and it wasn't advertised, I just happened to stumble on it.  They were all sold by Amazon, not 3rd party sellers and I'm guessing they didn't sell as many as expected for Christmas and wanted to move them out.  So it pays to check Amazon prices every now and again.  NOW no more Monster High dolls.  Mattel is killing my budget.  I have to quit spending money. 

Anyway this Ghoul Spirit Spectra Vondergeist doll is a basic version and one of the recent releases.  You can read all about her on my blog.

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