Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disney Store Singing Sofia The First Doll

The Disney Store Online's Sofia The First is the most adorable doll for little girls ages 3 and up.  I'd say to about age 8.  I've gotten hooked on the cartoon on Disney Junior.  She's a village girls who's mother marries a king and she has to learn to be a princess.  The show is a year old now and has been renewed for another season thank goodness.  It's all about being kind and having manners.  Sofia is the sweetest little princess.

I bought the Sophia the First singing doll online and took pictures while I deboxed her.  You can view them all on my blog and hear the song she sings.  The stores are brimming with Sofia the First merchandise so if you've got a young girl with a gift list this doll may be on it.  Check out the singing version of the Disney doll before you buy.

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