Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Is The 25th Anniversary Of Holiday Barbie Dolls

Collectors and doll lovers have been buying Christmas Holiday Barbies for 25 years.  The first doll was available in 1988.  I bought my first in 1989, when my daughter was born.  That doll turned out to be a play doll for her and was well loved for many years.  Holiday Barbies are still very affordable and fun to collect.  The gowns are so detailed.  Even the older versions are still easily found still in the original box.  The prices are a bit higher but you can still find deals on eBay.  Especially if you search outside of the Christmas season.

The new Holiday Barbie is now on the shelves and for sale online.  She's a silver snow princess with gorgeous high fashion jewelry.  You can read about her on my Diary of A Dollhouse blog.  Just click the link below.

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