Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blythes Bedroom In The Dollhouse

I started putting some furniture in the dollhouse today, even though I haven't finished with the walls/floors.  This is Kenner Blythe's room.  It looks a little sparse right now but stay tuned and I assure you it will look fantastic soon.  I bought a Dremel Multimax sander and have been working on smoothing the walls so I can paint or wallpaper.  There are 5 more rooms to furnish, 2 of them are the width of the entire dollhouse.  I've got lots of ideas but I have to buy when I have cash available so progress isn't as speedy as I'd hoped.  No worries, I'm still inspired and look for dolly stuff everywhere I go.  See that little snow globe on the dresser?  I got that from Hobby Lobby in the Christmas ornament section.  I will take a closeup picture soon so you can see it better.  Here's the entire story:

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